Letting Yourself Go – Fascinated by the Bridegroom


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    Tom Gaffney says:

    Stunning! Liberating! Joyous! A well-told story by Sandy Flewelling about God’s infinitely deep love for each one of us. He inspires us to set aside the noise of the world, and the person we believe we are, to live our lives loving Him with passionate fascination. As He increases in our hearts and souls, the true, pure, beloved child He made us to be, rises, as the old falls away. His light then shines more brightly into others’ lives, especially those living in darkness.
    This is a special message of encouragement for women, who are men’s “help meet”, powerful, complementary, and equal partners. God made women’s hearts attuned to emotions and relationships, a powerful complement for men tasked “to scratch a living by the sweat of your brow.”
    Men need Sandy’s message as much as our dear sisters, wives, and mothers, so we might truly value and love women as God does, and join women in the fullness of loving God, as He loves us, for His Glory!

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